Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Progress report................

using all my scrap pieces of wool from other projects, hope there will be enough to make a knee blanket at least.

Heloise :)

So nice.................

Just look what Mr D found for me at the secondhand shop  so very cute.....
the cup and saucer you can see was used regularly,  the gold trim almost worn off

wonder how many cups of tea were served in this one mmmmmmmmmmm
side plate in immaculate condition I don't think it was ever used.
bottom of cup DUCHESS Bone China England SUMMER (so sorry for the bad photos used my phone camera)
so happy with my SUMMER trio - thanks Mr D for surprising me at work.
Almost forgot Mr D bought it for R6.00

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

NEVER ENDING STORY...............

this is how I feel about this blanket, there is no end in sight.  My assistant - Frankie the Dachshund insisted on being in the photo.
my first attempt at a crochet blanket, lots of  the same little motifs and I used all different types of wool but all DK.
 Photos not very good used my smart phone but you can get the idea hey!

I still have to do "corrections" before the work is done, hopefully that will be soon.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

More Paula Vaughan patterns
Forgotten Basket (leaflet 718)
Cherished Dreams (leaflet 717)
I hung these as a pair in the scullery next to my kitchen and what a difference it makes
I think these beauties look very cute together. Busy with my first crochet blanket for 2013 in the next post will show some pics "belowe" promise.


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Something Vintage maybe.................

As a little girl (like most little girls would do) I use to LOVE playing dress up with my mom's old clothes. There were long dresses(from the'70's) short ones like this beauty (from the '50's and '60's) lots of very pointy high heel shoes and old hats.

is it not absolutely gorgeous
detail on the bodice
 it will be an absolute sin to keep it in the cupboard so I have it hanging in my bedroom
very different but I like it.  Thinking back maybe I should have kept all her vintage dresses, bad luck hey at least this one stayed with me, it reminds me of my Mom every time I admire it.

Laugh Live Love


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Be encouraged by God's word and His promises !!
 these Lovelies can be found at Delightful Distractions

Heloise xx
More Granny Squares..............
I just love anything that involves granny squares he he he its obvious hey.  Lovely fresh colours (well I think so) in this blanket.

Used Elle Pure Gold DK wool again in four colours and nr 4 crochet hook, this is a very basic pattern so anybody can give it a go!
I made 10 blocks per row and then 10 rows.

On this photo you can see the border up close,

this was the 3rd blanket for 2012 not bad going, must admit have been bitten by the crochet bug :-)))))))


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Something different .............
When I saw these gorgeous frames  for the first time I just had to get them, they are made of old ornate ceiling  metal boards.  You  can even see the old paint on certain places.
they are quite big (900x900cm) but I think it makes a statement
I took the photos myself in our garden and had enlangements printed.

Time for some scrapbooking.................finally,



Look at the date on this page July 2011 can you believe it ! it took me a year and a half to get this done
the show was really and awesome experience for all of us  Loved it!!!!

Must really try to get to all the scrapbooking this new year!

Bye Bye