Tuesday, 23 July 2013

a family of Aloes....

                  On one of our many walks with the boys and the dogs around the Berry Dam, we found a family of giant Aloes

here in the Eastern Cape where we live you will found  large groups  of Aloes growing on the mountain sides
I absolutely just love them
and maybe if your lucky you can find  something small  like this chameleon ( boys went crazy over it, insisting that we take "him" home) sorry boys this chameleon is already at home in the veld.


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Through my camera lens...........

about a hundred meters from our home you will find the Berry Dam
lots of our town folk will take their dogs for walks around it, or go for a jog or a bicycle ride so quite and peaceful (the kids love it)
mist rolling over the mountain in the morning
Heloise ;-)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Winter is here...............

Hi everyone, don't you also wish that there was more time in the day?  I just don't get to everything!!
My friend Amanda that lives in Kimberley(my home town) told me about Elle Cotton On, she crocheted a washcloth and was happy with the end result.
I had to try it too. 
Found  nice patterns for wash cloths and a bath/shower mitt on LION BRAND sorry don't have the link address with me now.
I used a nr 6 hook, and yes I made a face cloths for all the "boys" and they were impressed and so was I , bath time is a spa experience now hahaha
Bath/shower mitt
Never forget !!!! take one day at a time

HELOISE    :-)

Monday, 24 June 2013

Proteas and old bottles........

I wish it was so easy to just go to your favourite decor shop and buy what your see,  hahaha ja for sure
so made another plan, have boxes full of old bottles
and Proteas are my favourite flower!!! and there you go centrepiece for my dinning room table

all so very different but I think that just what makes them so unique
 love making something out of nothing

Heloise xxx